About us

We're on a roll.

Curated with passion and power, Cellu launched into the world with the intention to ease muscles, restore wellbeing and radically transform your health journey from stressed to flexed. We like to roll with the punches, without rolling in the deep and so should you; find flow and finesse with innovative products that essentially support your body and ease your mind. By relieving the daily pressures of life, rolling out the stress and stretching your body consistently, you will discover flexibility, functionality, and fundamental force so you can optimally keep rolling.

Our Team

Our power professionals are a diverse dream team from all around the globe. Originally from Cyprus, our small, dedicated team are situated in Larnaca. Together with production facilities in Asia, and marketing experts from all over the world, this makes us a very multicultural and multidisciplinary group of people with a range of expertise that get the ball rolling and beyond.