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Release tense muscles, strengthen your fascia and power up ..with Cellu Roller

Deep tissue massage releases the muscle tension, stress and pain in the muscles improving enhanced blood flow & opens up the muscle knots. Cellu Roller is great for myofascial release.

15 minutes a day, with all natural, non invasive, it smoothens the skin and improves the lymphatic drainage. hence reducing the appearance of cellulite. The high-end foam does the job for you - we all love a great massage, specially the ones that makes the skin glow and is good for fibromyalgia pain relief. Cellu Roller Lymphatic massage Lymphatic drainage muscle pain muscle soreness

Cellu Premium Roller

Premium High Grade Foam Cellu Roller, that releases tense muscles and strengthens your fascia.

✓ Fascia smoothing
✓ Improved blood circulation
✓ A decrease in subcutaneous fat
✓ Increased metabolism
✓ Removal of toxins & waste
✓ A decrease in appearance of cellulite
✓ Skin firmness & elasticity
✓ Fibromyalgia pain relief

Fitness meets Fashion.

Fitness meets elegance, with fashionable and modish squat proof Power Cellu leggings specially made so you can avoid sprains during your workout. Or checkout the award winning Orthotic Cellu Sandals, get the perfect arch-support and cushioning you need to eliminate muscle imbalances, reduce feet pain and correct your posture.

Power Cellu Leggings

When you are in it, you need more power to complete the exercise and stimulate muscles effectively.

This highly flexible, high waisted leggings is designed to sustain pressure during your workout, runs or squats. Power Cellu Leggings is specially made to stabilize the joints so to avoid sprain, and increase muscle flexibility.

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